Data Analysis Center for Exoplanets (DACE)


Artist’s impression of the planet orbiting the Sun-like star HD 85512 in the southern constellation of Vela (The Sail). Credit: ESO/M. Kornmesser

The Data & Analysis Center for Exoplanets (DACE) is a web platform based at the University of Geneva (CH) dedicated to extrasolar planets data visualisation, exchange and analysis.

Published observational data like radial velocities, light curves and imaging measurements are available as well as sophisticated analysis tools. Keplerian models can be analysed using synthetic planetary populations and evolution tracks provided by the university of Bern. Numerical simulations can be done by N-Body algorithms developed by the university of Zurich and running on GPU cards. DACE also contains star position tool helping astronomers to prepare future observations according to the location of the observatory and time constraints.

These tools are developed in collaboration with the PlanetS sub projects and integrated in the platform. The platform offers the possibility to run long computations in background as jobs. In this manner, the projects can contribute by providing analysis code implemented in different programming languages.

DACE is funded by the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) PlanetS, federating the Swiss expertise in exoplanet research.


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Developer & Administrator


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Project organisation

Principal Investigator: Stéphane Udry
Project Scientist & Manager: Damien Ségransan

Developer & administrator: Nicolas Buchschacher
Webmaster: Fabien Alesina
Developer: Julien Burnier

PlanetS & DACE contact person

Circumstellar Discs and Planetary Systems: Sascha Quanz, ETH-Zurich
Origin and Evolution of Volatiles in Planets: Maria Schönbächler, ETH-Zurich
Atmospheres of exoplanets: Christophe Lovis, University of Geneva
Solar System Data Analysis, Laboratory Investigations, and Modelling: Nick Thomas, University of Bern
Planet formation and evolution: Christoph Mordasini, University of Bern
Numerical laboratory for planet formation: Joachim Stadel, University of Zurich
Multi-faceted determination of planet properties and system architecture: Rodrigo Diaz & Damien Ségransan, University of Geneva
Public Outreach: Pierre Bratschi, University of Geneva

Other Projects and DACE contact persons

Cheops: David Ehrenreich, University of Geneva
Stellar parameters: Sylvia Ekström, University of Geneva
Encyclopaedia: Françoise Roques, Observatoire de Paris, France


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